the container is at the Orphanage!…

Dear friends and benefactors, you surely remember the campaign to collect humanitarian aid organised by the “Piccola Opera”, with the invaluable support of the Parish of Santa Maria della Misericordia, to send a container of humanitarian aid and the material needed for the achievement of the “Project Oven “(see page ). Well: Mr. Arsène, current head of the Orphanage on behalf of Famille Anuarite (, has informed us that the container has arrived at the Orphanage! … :-)

“Good morning Loriana Polito, it’s Arsène. I can confirm through this email that the container has arrived at the Orphanage on the 7th of January 2015 at 4pm. We will send more details and photos in the next few days. Thank you and see you soon.”

Imagine the joy that the arrival of the container has brought to our brothers and sisters!… J and also imagine the effort required to unload the container!… because of that, we will gladly wait for more news and more photos from Pointe-Noire that can testify how good can such initiative make to those who live every day of very few things. For the time being, let’s be content and look at a couple of pictures:

150107 scarico container

150107 forno

God bless all of those who believed in this initiative and the “Project Oven” by supporting it doing what they could do, giving what they could give and…, why not?…, even eat at the Charity Diner organised on the 28th of November last year ( to raise funds for this shipment!…


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